Keeping in touch with the evolving streetscape of this small peninsula slice of heaven, this home needed to prompt a new sense of delight in a space already full with wonder. Cleverly designed by Little Brick Studio, this family home was made to meet and maintain the evolving needs of the Builder’s young family, and their never-ending pursuit of balancing a busy working life, and quiet family time. Built with generous entertainment areas and ample working spaces, this home segregates business from pleasure in an effortless manner.

The glorious structure’s geometric facade provides a mere taste of the decadence that lays within, with a new exciting space around every corner. Given the home’s close proximity to the sea, precautions were taken to combat rising sea water. Set 800mm above the natural ground level, this home took deep consideration during the design and construction stages to ensure minimal impact on the quality of the ground water, as the water table sits high on the site.

Using a secant pilling system around the perimeter of the building footprint, the basement was then designed as a freestanding structure within. This allowed for reliable waterproofing internally, with the added protection of flood gates built into the ramp.

The utmost care is always taken at every stage of design, construction, and styling to ensure that homes built by Swell Building Group represent the team’s high standards of quality, taste, and workmanship.